Quantitative consumer research

Obtaining a strong understanding of your consumers and their behavior, preferences, attitudes and buying habits, is a foundational element of successful due diligence. At Davies+Co., our seasoned team delivers the detailed, statistically significant quantitative analysis our clients demand. 

Our ability to target highly specific consumer groups enables us to uncover the most valuable insights into your brand, product or service. From initial survey design and onward, we give you a window into the process to ensure you’re apprised every step of the way. After carefully analyzing the data, we paint a clear yet thorough picture of the key takeaways—helping to inform your decision-making in record time. As your partner in due diligence, we prioritize transparency and collaboration—ultimately providing the data-driven insights you need.

Qualitative consumer insights

At Davies+Co., we apply an equally rigorous approach to our qualitative studies. Leveraging innovative online platforms to engage with consumers where they are—often in their own homes—we’re able to dive deeper into what drives a brand’s buyers. 

We augment in-depth, individual interviews with participant-uploaded videos and photos, and enable participants to interact and build on each other’s ideas, much like in traditional focus groups. The result is a richer, more comprehensive view into your key consumer—all brought to life in a data-driven, qualitative PowerPoint report, which further dimensionalizes your overall due diligence.

Primary B2B research

Truly comprehensive diligence often requires business-side perspectives, as well. At Davies+Co., we harness the power of our robust network to find the right B2B voices for each project. 

From business owners to retail partners to industry experts, our extensive, one-on-one interviews provide invaluable feedback—and ensure that you’ll be able to see the investment potential or sell side opportunity from all angles.

Competitive market analysis

To move forward in your transaction with confidence, you need a clear and comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and market trends that impact your go-forward strategy, sale process or potential investment. Through detailed secondary research analyses, we provide a panoramic view of the terrain in an easily digestible report. 

We often combine market sizing uncovered from secondary research with total addressable market (TAM) analysis derived from our primary quantitative research to provide the most robust assessment. By capturing everything from key players and channel dynamics to industry trends and beyond, our competitive market assessments are designed to accelerate your growth strategy.

Due diligence

In the world of private equity investing, thorough due diligence is imperative. That’s why we arm you with the indispensable information you need to make informed valuation decisions at every stage of the deal process. 

Working with agility and efficiency, we combine our 20+ years of experience with bespoke research—including quantitative and qualitative consumer surveys, B2B perspectives and competitive market analysis—to give you a comprehensive and expert view of the potential investment.

Sell-side commercial due diligence

Having a finger on the pulse of your brand’s competitive advantages and consumer perceptions prior to selling can make your pitch that much more compelling. In our sell-side work, we employ the same powerful processes we execute in buy-side due diligence to equip sellers like you with the most up-to-date brand insights to present to prospective buyers.

With these findings in your arsenal, you can more easily showcase the strengths and opportunities of your offering. At the same time, this research can illuminate any potential challenges or weaknesses—enabling you to address them proactively and with confidence during the buyer’s own due diligence.

Action from insight