Luxury Skincare Research

client accolades

“Davies+Co. should be the first step in any re-branding decision. Based on their findings, we confidently made very specific, powerful marketing choices that allowed us to reach new consumers, markets and social media platforms. Their rigorous approach and detailed analysis was critical in enabling us to revamp our marketing strategy and develop a comprehensive road map. We’ve engaged our consumer in a whole new way because we understand her, speak her language and know without a doubt what she expects from a skincare brand and how to deliver it within her lifestyle.” – Chief Marketing Officer, Luxury Skincare Brand

our client

A new luxury skincare brand seeking to better understand their true consumer target before launching a revamped marketing campaign

the mission

To deeply understand our client’s target consumers, her lifestyle characteristics and her motivation/ purchase drivers

our approach

We used our proven primary research methodology to uncover actionable insights about the consumer, her lifestyle, her attitudes and motivations towards skincare and how she makes her purchasing and consumption decisions. Knowing your consumer intimately – how she thinks, what she needs, how she acts, what’s missing from her go-to brands – takes the guesswork out of marketing. We:

  • Granularly defined the consumer shopping our client’s No. 1 competitor
  • Developed a deep understanding of the consumer:
    • Demographics and lifestyle attributes
    • Favorite brands, level of brand loyalty and why
    • Skincare regimen
    • Marketing & communication preferences
    • Buying behavior, purchase drivers
    • Activities, hobbies and interests
    • What is important to her and why
  • Aggregated and analyzed hundreds of customized in-depth surveys designed to delve into the beauty consumer’s world and her skincare decision-making process
  • Synthesized key findings to make specific, targeted marketing recommendations to create initial consumer impact and encourage a long-term relationship with the brand

the results

With deep, first-hand knowledge of the target consumer beyond the demographics, we were able to provide specific strategic and tactical marketing recommendations for developing a powerful, authentic relationship with the target consumer completely designed around her unique needs

Where to find her – What gym, spa, and clothing stores does she frequent? What magazines and blogs does she read? Where does she vacation, spend her down time or relax after work? Which charities does she support? What beauty, pop culture and celebrity trends grab her attention?

What makes her buy – What does she want in a skincare product, from ingredients and results to delivery system and endorsements? Where and how does she want to buy it? From her phone while commuting? During a spa appointment or skincare consultation? After reading about it in a magazine? When it’s a celebrity or dermatologist brand?

How to speak to her – What media and social media channels should our client use to reach the consumer, build an authentic relationship and create loyalty, trust and communication?

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